Clément Layes

Clément Layes has been living and working as a choreographer and performer in Berlin since 2008. Here, he co-founded the company Public in Private together with Jasna L. Vinovrski. At the interface between choreography, the visual arts and philosophy, the point of his works is found in observations on daily life. His performances - among them „Allege“ (2010), „Der grüne Stuhl“ (2012), „Things that surround us“ (2012), „dreamed apparatus“ (2014), and „TITLE“ (2015) - are shown internationally. In October 2017, Layes premiered „The Eternal Return“ at Berlin’s Sophiensæle. The group piece is the first choreographic work of a new series, in which Layes deals with the manifestation and mechanics of rhythm.

Public in private

Public in Private research, reflects and questions social, political and cultural structures, as well individual position in this structures. Public in Private's goal in collaborative approach is to broaden up the borders of choreographic language, intriguing different thinking, perceiving and reflecting about own and about other medias. The most relevant aim however is, a further development of choreography as contemporary art form.

sustained dissonance.