Co-use of the PIP studio
We are looking for 4/5 people to co-use the PIP studio in Flutgraben (dance studio of 90sm, equipped with LED light and sound and tribune, lots of sun light). It will be a collective of 6 persons (groups also welcome). For now public in private (Clément and Jasna). We have been rehearsing, organising events and residencies here for the last 12 years, and we are interested to meet dance artist and choreographers, performers with some interest in sharing their practice and host others, as well people with experience in collective work are welcome. Also we are interested to meet people who have practises between art and therapeutics, doing workshop and classes are fine (the entrance situation is not ideal for that, there are few doors but it’s manageable). The rent also gives access to the facilities of the Flutgraben, (kitchen, collective space, roof terrasse, cheaper rent of the project room).
cost and contract
For at list a year, 170€ a month. The time will divided by 6 the time upon need for each. We will organise for the year and the month, will try to adapt to productions needs for rehearsal blocks and regularity of training or classes. For example if there is the need some evening could be open for classes or practices and day time could be booked for longer period for rehearsal. We will have meeting to organise and be in touch once every two month (online or live). We’re happy to start mid-may/ june.
how to
If you know us just write a line of your ideas and needs, or live us a voice message, or we haven’t met yet please send also cv also. We will organise meetings in the room end of april and beginning of may.